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Military Defense Lawyer Dedicated to Helping Those Who Serve
If you're in the military and were charged with a extreme offense, you may experience embarrassed, stressed, and concerned approximately your destiny. The regulation in this vicinity may be complicated, making it tough to recognize your alternatives. Military regulation legal professional Philip D. Cave has more than 30 years of revel in assisting carrier participants in the U.S. defense force who are underneath investigation for UCMJ...

Military Defense Lawyer Dedicated to Helping Those Who Serve
If you are within the navy and have been charged with a extreme offense, you could experience embarrassed, harassed, and worried approximately your destiny. The law on this place can be complicated, making it tough to understand your options. Military law lawyer Philip D. Cave has greater than 30 years of experience helping carrier participants within the U.S. armed forces who are below research for UCMJ violations and other offenses. Mr. Cave spent the early degrees of his prison career via serving as Trial Defense Counsel and Chief Trial Defense Counsel on the Naval Legal Service Office (NLSO) in Norfolk, Virginia. During this time, he was unique by way of the Judge Advocate General of the Navy as one of most effective six experts inside the prosecution and protection of country wide security instances.

Mr. Cave's motto is “Have briefcase (and Internet), will travel.” He has represented clients in Fort Bragg, Fort Hood, the Norfolk place, and limitless different locations throughout america. His paintings has additionally led him foreign places to bases in international locations together with the UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Korea. Whether you have got an upcoming Article 32 listening to, are going through a court-martial, or have questions about your discharge, Philip D. Cave can speak your rights with you and help you pursue an outcome that meets your dreams.

Fighting Charges Before and During a Court Martial
Article 32 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) presents service individuals accused of an offense the right to an investigative listening to at which they are able to provide their account of activities and move-study witnesses. An experienced legal professional can assist ensure which you get the danger to guard yourself to the fullest quantity possible. The matter will continue to a courtroom martial simplest if the listening to officer decides that there is reasonable motive to pursue the expenses. This hearing thus offers the accused a chance to get groundless allegations disregarded with out the anxiety of present process a full trial.

If the listening to officer determines reasonable purpose exists after an Article 32 investigation, he or she will advise a tribulation at courtroom martial. This navy trial can unfold before a choose or a jury of carrier individuals. All of these proceedings begin with a UCMJ Article 39(a) hearing, in which preliminary matters are resolved. This is accompanied with the aid of an arraignment at which the military choose requires the defendant to go into a plea. If she or he pleads guilty, sentencing follows. Otherwise, the case is attempted on the merits, with sentencing occurring best within the event of a responsible verdict.

This is only a preferred review of the courtroom martial procedure. In reality, there may be an extended list of rules, procedural steps, and rules that must be accompanied. It is for your best hobby to lease a informed navy legal professional to protect you at your court docket martial by using deploying all the strategies to be had to your case.

Protect Your Rights Under the UCMJ by way of Consulting a Capable Lawyer
The defense force take fees of sexual assault or desertion very severely. Sex offenses within the army have attracted plenty interest currently, but allegations of misconduct can be unfounded or inflated. Even if they may be, but, you'll want a succesful legal professional that will help you guard your army and nonmilitary destiny. Our compassionate group also has proudly shielded carrier participants towards AWOL, UA, or desertion costs via taking the time to understand the reason for the absence and craft the best viable protection for every scenario.

A service member's discharge may be one of the maximum vital factors in determining the trajectory of his or her publish-military life. If you've got received a discharge aside from honorable, scientific, or widespread, it may be well worth your at the same time as to explore whether you are entitled to a discharge upgrade. These are frequently to be had to veterans who acquired an unfavourable discharge due to misguided information in their documents.

Beyond an investigation or court docket martial complaints, a navy lawyer can assist carrier individuals resolve many different troubles. If you have been denied or lost a protection clearance, as an instance, you can contest this choice with the help of a person who knows the nuances of the related rules.

Discuss Your Case With an Experienced Military Attorney
Members of the army have one of a kind rights and duties than civilians. When a member of the armed services is charged with an offense, consequently, an attorney who knows the relevant regulation is wanted to help. Dedicating his career to this reason, navy lawyer Philip D. Cave has helped service members navigate costs of UCMJ violations and other problems unique to this unique context. Whether you're stationed near an American town like San Diego or San Antonio, or as a ways away as Korea or Japan, Mr. Cave will work with you to benefit an expertise of your case.

Practise Areas

  • Military Law.
  • Military Administrative Law
  • Military Justice
  • Military Criminal Law
  • Military Courts Martial
  • Adverse Action
  • Letters of Reprimand
  • UCMJ Appeals
  • UCMJ Clemency
  • UCMJ Parole
  • Uniform Code of Military Service
  • Absence Without Leave
  • AWOL
  • UA
  • Unauthorized Absence
  • Desertion
  • OTH
  • Other-than-honorabe discharge
  • Appeals of Actions Under the UCMJ
  • Court Martial
  • Discharge
  • Security Clearance
  • Article 32 Investigation
  • Navy self-reporting of arrest or civilian prosecution
  • Sanity and UCMJ
  • UCMJ and Pretrial Confinement
  • UCMJ and Sexual Assault Accusations

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