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Representative Clients: North Pacific Longline Association of Japan (Nemuro Gyogyo Seisan Kumiai; Anyo Fisheries Co.; Taiheyo Suisan Co., Ltd.; Nemuro Daiichi Gyogyo Seisan Kumiami; Eikyu Gyogyo Co., Ltd.; Hokkuyo Suisan Co., Ltd.; Matsuzawa Gyogyo Co., Ltd.; Maruhon Suisan Co., Ltd.; Sasaki Junzo Co.; Asahi Gyogyo Co., Ltd.; Shinyasyoten Co., Ltd.; Shinkomaru Gyogyo Co., Ltd.; Dohoku Suisan Co., Ltd.; Ogata Gyogyo Co., Ltd.; Matsubun Gyogyo Co., Ltd.; Marukei Co., Ltd.; Nihon Hogei Co., Ltd.; NPL Alaska, Inc.; Alaska Herring Corp.; Western Alaska Marketing Cooperative; Bristol Bay Herring Marketing Cooperative; KEG Fisheries Coop; Woodbine Alaska Fish Co.; Moore Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Inc.

Paul D. Kelly

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