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Corrie E. Sirkin
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Law Office: Sirkin Law Firm, PLLC

We offer commonplace experience, considerate, innovative answers with you and your children’s fine interests in mind.

The Sirkin Law Firm, PLLC, focuses completely on circle of relatives law and home relations subjects. These topics encompass divorce, separation, custody, parenting time/visitation, paternity, child help, spousal assist/alimony, equitable distribution, money owed, belongings, enterprise valuation, relocation, amendment, prenuptial agreements,...

We offer common feel, considerate, creative solutions with you and your youngsters’s satisfactory pursuits in thoughts.

The Sirkin Law Firm, PLLC, focuses exclusively on family regulation and home family members topics. These topics include divorce, separation, custody, parenting time/visitation, paternity, infant assist, spousal help/alimony, equitable distribution, money owed, property, business valuation, relocation, modification, prenuptial agreements, army divorce, and divorce involving kids with unique wishes.

We apprehend that divorce is one of the maximum disturbing and emotional conditions a person can revel in. It is normal to experience feelings of grief, anger, resentment, pain and unhappiness. We will placed your hobbies first and treat you with recognize. We will try to obtain your dreams whilst attempting to reduce the psychological and monetary pressure concerned. We will offer sensitive, common sense, considerate, innovative answers with you and your children's pleasant pastimes.

Amicable dissolutions are our remaining aim. We recognize that now not all instances may be resolved or settled and could litigate absolutely retaining our clients' pursuits in mind. Our firm does not agree with in taking moves like submitting motions, issuing subpoenas or deposing events when they're now not important to obtain important statistics or probable to move the case ahead. We will discover your options inclusive of settlement discussions, negotiation and mediation. We can be conscientious of your time and money and try and attain an settlement with the least feasible emotional pressure and financial fee.

You can accept as true with Sirkin Law Firm to hold your fine pursuits at coronary heart and thoughts.

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  • Military Divorce
  • Family Law
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Support
  • Child Custody
  • Divorce
  • Mediation
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Website: http://www.sirkinlawfirm.com

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Sirkin Law Firm, PLLC 9071 Center Street
Manassas, VA 20110