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A complete-service regulation organization for commercial enterprise

BTLG, Business & Technology Law Group, became created in 2000 to address the specialised wishes of enterprise. BTLG has represented greater than 1500 clients doing commercial enterprise in the Mid-Atlantic area. These customers function in various regions of industry, inclusive of retail, production, intellectual property, and other commercial merchandise, and services.

What is BTLG?

BTLG, also known as the Business & Technology Law Group, is a complete-service enterprise law firm.

Who does BTLG constitute?

BTLG represents businesses in quite a few industries. Although we constitute some massive, and public businesses, our customers are typically small to medium-sized businesses, and marketers. See Representative Clients

Does BTLG have a strong point?

The moral rules that govern the exercise of regulation in Maryland do now not permit us to assert a "area of expertise". BTLG does, however, have massive experience in some of areas together with computer technology development and licensing transactions and litigation, agency-worker issues, small enterprise acquisitions and industrial contracts.

Why do clients select BTLG?

Clients have come to our firm for plenty of reasons, regularly on the strength of a solid referral from our present customers. Where they have got had other legal suggest, new clients have made the transition to our organization because we will offer one or more of the subsequent:

1. a commercial enterprise focus

2. a more fast response

3. a better level of communication and involvement; or

four. a greater practical method to legal issues

Does BTLG take care of litigation?

BTLG has represented clients at each level of Maryland's State and Federal courts. While frequently those matters are small in dollar cost, we're frequently known as upon to manage, and take to trial, complicated pieces of litigation involving tens of thousands of pages of documents and dozens of witnesses.

Practise Areas

  • General Business Law
  • Litigation
  • Technology Law and Government Contracting
  • Employment Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Corporate, LLC and Partner lawyership Law
  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Collections
  • Arbitration
  • Mediation
  • Adversary complaints
  • Administrative complaints/citations
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    Free consulting provider
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All participants and pals are membersinc; Yakabod; TyrrellTech; Aegis; AB Consultants; AB Construction; Alloy Computing; RTGX

Portfolio Customers
Representative Clients: Optivor Technologies; Paradigm Infotech; Segami Corporation; Security Development; noone hundred sixty BTLG

telephone Phone: 410-505-8559
smartphone Fax : 410-290-0477
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Law Company Address: Business & Technology Law Group one hundred sixty Columbia, MD 21046-3011 U.S.A.

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