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Elizabeth S. Fitch
Managing Partner lawyer
Melissa Lin
Partner attorney

Law Office: Righi Fitch Law Group

Righi Law Group is a law organization that is dedicated to meeting all of our customers' desires. We provide fee effective representation inside the regions of creation, coverage protection, enterprise and injury cases

Our Strategy for Achieving Success

Righi Fitch Law Group is a law corporation this is devoted to assembly all of our clients' wishes. We are small enough to maintain private relationships with our clients and provide price-effective representation. Y...

Righi Law Group is a regulation company this is devoted to assembly all of our clients' desires. We provide price effective illustration inside the areas of creation, insurance defense, enterprise and harm instances

Our Strategy for Achieving Success

Righi Fitch Law Group is a regulation firm this is dedicated to assembly all of our customers' needs. We are small sufficient to maintain personal relationships with our customers and offer value-effective representation. Yet we've the body of workers and sources to address complicated construction, coverage defense, commercial enterprise and injury cases.

Our Goal Is Your Satisfaction

Client delight is paramount at our company. To make sure consumer satisfaction we have embodied 4 foundational concepts in our exercise:

-Innovate: We find creative answers for our clients. Recognizing the enterprise marketplace is present process seismic adjustments whilst the law is gradual to exchange, we discover modern solutions that bridge this ever-widening gap. We utilize superior case management, database, report manipulate, and communique technologies that decorate our effectiveness and price-performance.

-Involve: We hold our clients knowledgeable that allows you to make the essential selections. Historically, the lawyer's role has been that of the trusted counselor who made the essential tactical choices. However, as our clients become ever extra sophisticated, they are additionally extra proactive and look at the lawyer's position as an advisor and advocate. Although customers want suggest approximately important choices, they ultimately make the selections themselves. This empowers the client to assess and control risk.

-Simplify: We make complicated legal troubles comprehensible for our customers. Despite the sophistication of our clients, business regulation and litigation, production regulation and coverage topics may be thoughts-boggling. We take the time to provide an explanation for the procedure in comprehensible terms.

-Resolve: We bring about closure speedy and successfully. Complex litigation is renowned for being protracted and high priced. We apprehend that is hardly ever within the exceptional hobby of our clients. We do the whole lot possible to position our clients for achievement at trial while striving in the direction of an early and favorable resolution.

Our Diversity and Team Approach Are Our Strengths

Righi Fitch Law Group takes tremendous pride in its range. We create cost for our clients by means of combining the abilities of experienced legal professionals of various backgrounds, experience, genders and ethnicity. We stay in a international surroundings and our regulation firm reflects that diversity. Our corporation takes a group technique and staffs each case with a small however exceedingly targeted institution of attorneys and paraprofessionals. As a result, our clients are represented by using a diverse, highest quality group devoted to attaining the patron's goals.

Practise Areas

  • Construction Law
  • Insurance Defense
  • Business Law
  • Injury Cases
Firm Size

Office Information

Fax: 602-385-6777

Website: http://www.righilaw.com

Law Company Address:

Righi Fitch Law Group 2111 E. Highland Avenue, Suite B440
Phoenix, AZ 85016

Righi Fitch Law Group

smartphone Phone: 623-432-1509
telephone Fax : 602-385-6777
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Law Company Address: Righi Fitch Law Group 2111 E. Highland Avenue, Suite B440 Phoenix, AZ 85016 U.S.A.

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