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Lee Craig’s exercise encompasses insurance assessment and litigation of all first-birthday party coverage subjects. In specific, he has deep enjoy in cases of alleged insurance fraud and arson for earnings, in addition to “bad faith” and different greater-contractual damages litigation.

Lee is a graduate of the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law. He joined the corporation as an accomplice in 1989. In due course he have become a accomplice then, for a time, the coping with associate and in the end a name companion.

Lee has attempted cases to jury verdict or very last judgment in all U. S. District Courts having jurisdiction in Florida, and many Florida Circuit Courts. He has been lead counsel arguing appeals to the…

Lee Craig’s practice encompasses coverage evaluation and litigation of all first-party insurance topics. In precise, he has deep revel in in cases of alleged coverage fraud and arson for income, in addition to “awful faith” and other more-contractual damages litigation.

Lee is a graduate of the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law. He joined the company as an associate in 1989. In due course he have become a partner then, for a time, the dealing with companion and subsequently a call partner.

Lee has attempted cases to jury verdict or final judgment in all U. S. District Courts having jurisdiction in Florida, and many Florida Circuit Courts. He has been lead counsel arguing appeals to the USACourts of Appeals for the Eleventh and Fourth Circuits, the Florida Supreme Court and several Florida District Courts of Appeal. He is peer-evaluate rated “” by means of .

Lee has long been a dedicated and energetic member of the Defense Research Institute, in which he served as a Committee Chair, a National Director and a member of the Law Institute. He belongs additionally to the Federal Bar Association, the Florida Defense Lawyers Association and the George Edgecomb Bar Association.


June sixteen, 2017 PUBLICATION Literature for Life

What does analyzing literature must do with the undertaking of DRI for Life? Some may recommend reading that we examine commonly as pleasing respite or for amusement. That really is proper in the cases of, say, mystery testimonies or romance novels. But I say reading actual literature is extra, and greater crucial to lifestyles, than that.

December 18, 2002 PUBLICATION Can It Be 'Bad Faith' For An Insurer To File A Declaratory Action?

In recent months, coverage organization clients of the writer have faced allegations that the submitting of a declaratory action, by an insurer, to decide or cut off coverage, is horrific religion. This is a particularly novel and, because it turns out, disfavored cause of movement. To start with, a “declaratory judgment action is the favored way of identifying a dispute among an insured and insurer over the construction and effect of the phrases of the insurance contract.”

March 21, 2001 PUBLICATION Diminished Value In Auto Damage Claims

We have seen, in current years, a spate of moves for terrible religion, and sophistication moves, on the problem of so-called diminished cost. These suits declare price by the insurance employer of the actual coins value of a property loss - or the fee to restore a loss - does not make the insured complete. This is due to a few intangible satisfactory in the belongings that cannot be restored by restore. Before the loss it become pristine or unique. Afterward it's far corrupted or compromised. It is worth much less in the market.

August 22, 2000 PUBLICATION Is It Bad Faith to Settle Covered Claims Only?

It is past dispute that the obligation to protect, below legal responsibility insurance, is contractual, and is broader than the duty to indemnify. National Grange Mut. Ins. Co. v. Continental Cas. Ins. Co., 650 F. Supp. 1404 (S.D.N.Y. 1986). Even if some allegations of the complaint certainly are outside the scope of insurance, the insurance company is obligated to protect the complete healthy. Id. See also, Aerojet-General Corp. v. Transport Indemnity Co., 948 P.2nd 909 (Cal. 1997).

June 20, 2000 PUBLICATION The Public Adjuster's Perspective

Mr. Lesser is a outstanding public adjuster. His enterprise office is placed in Miami Beach, Florida. The perspectives and opinions said with the aid of Mr. Lesser on this interview are his personal. Neither Mr. Craig, nor Butler, always approve or agree with any of them.

May 19, 2000 PUBLICATION Contractors' Bonds: Who Can Sue The Surety For Bad Faith?

A contractor's overall performance and fee bond creates rights and responsibilities among three parties the predominant, the obligee and the surety. The major may be the overall contractor or a subcontractor. The obligee (underneath a performance bond) usually is the owner of the venture or (under a payment bond) the subcontractors, materialmen and device suppliers. The surety most customarily is an insurance business enterprise or economic institution engaged, among different matters, within the commercial enterprise of issuing performance and fee bonds.

April 18, 2000 PUBLICATION Three Reasons Why Loss Reserves Ought Not Be Admissible In A Bad Faith Case

In the trial of a bad faith case, plaintiff regularly tries to position into evidence the reserves the insurance employer set for the declare. This article contends that evidence ought now not be admissible. It will outline three reasons why no longer.

March 01, 2000 PUBLICATION Issue Revisited: Who Can Sue The Surety For Bad Faith Under A Construction Bond?

In this journal, in May 2000, the author mentioned the then current selection in Ginn Construction Co. v. Reliance Insurance Co., 51 F. Supp. 2nd 1347 (S.D. Fla. 1999). He argued that, contrary to a suggestion in Ginn, an obligee beneath a popular contractor's performance bond ought now not be allowed to sue the surety for bad religion. This article will study a few selections handed down considering. The trend is closer to no awful faith legal responsibility by using a surety to both an obligee or a principal beneath a surety bond.

February 15, 2000 PUBLICATION Perfunctory Defense

per-func-to-ry in line with-fUngk'tere adj. Done or performing robotically andwith little hobby or care. The American Heritage Dictionary, NewSecond College Edition (1983).

The Scenario

Consider a not unusual state of affairs. An insurance company problems a liability coverage. The policyholder does something, or fails to do some thing, as a result of which a partyis injured. The injured birthday celebration becomes the plaintiff, and the policyholder the defendant,in a tort action. The coverage enterprise reviews the tort movement and sees right awaythat probably it is not covered. It keeps a defense attorney to deal with the tort action butsends a reservation of rights letter to the policyholder and documents a separate declaratoryaction to decide insurance. So a ways so properly. See, e.g., Insurance Co. of the West v.Haralambos Beverage Co., 195 Cal. App. 3d 1308, 1319 (1987).

December 21, 1999 PUBLICATION Malicious Defense

This is considered one of a series of articles beneath the by means of line Butler on Bad Faith at the start posted in Mealey's Litigation Report: Insurance Bad Faith, Vol. thirteen, #sixteen, p. 25 (December 21, 1999). Copyright Butler 1999.

November sixteen, 1999 PUBLICATION Why A First Party Insurer Is Not A Fiduciary

Courts, commentators, lawyers and others have applied the phrase fiduciary to insurance agencies and insurance claims in a free manner. The end result has been terrible law and confusion over if and whilst an insurer is a fiduciary. This article will argue that an insurer does now not, and ought no longer, owe a fiduciary responsibility to an insured who has presented a primary birthday party declare.

July 20, 1999 PUBLICATION Advice of Counsel: Insurance Companies' First and Last Line of Defense / Mealey's Litigation Reports: Bad Faith

The dynamic nature of bad religion law in the course of the usa almost mandates that insurers have ongoing legal advice to protect the pastimes of the company, the shareholders and all insureds. Such advice can save you unwitting misconduct by means of the insurer. The recommendation of counsel protection in the context of insurance bad religion litigation issimply an insurer declaring, as evidence that it did now not act in bad religion, that it fairly trusted the advice given by using its felony advisors.

July 01, 1999 PUBLICATION Standard of Care in First Party Bad Faith Actions: Is Fairly Debatable Fair?

Since the early Nineteen Seventies, when first-birthday celebration horrific faith actions came into being, a significant body of law has advanced on the usual of care for insurers to avoid liability. In growing and defining such standards, courts have struggled to balance the pastimes of insureds and insurers. This article is a wellknown overview of these choices and standards.

March sixteen, 1999 PUBLICATION Statute of Limitations in a Bad Faith Action: Which One Applies and When Does It Accrue?

Determining which statute of obstacles governs a cause of action in opposition to an insurer for horrific faith is complex. It relies upon on whether or not the action is a first or third birthday celebration motion. It depends additionally on whether the controlling jurisdiction deems the movement to be one sounding in tort or settlement.

December 15, 1998 PUBLICATION Federal Preemption of Extracontractual Claims Under Flood Insurance Policies

During the beyond 12 months, numerous areas in the United States have experienced extreme and, at instances, unheard of flooding. Whether the flooding passed off due to the active Atlantic hurricane season or the impact of El Nino on national climate styles, the end result for insurers is the equal: an increase inside the number of claims underneath flood insurance guidelines. With this comes a corresponding increase inside the chance of extracontractual or awful religion claims.

December 14, 1998 PUBLICATION Supplement to Federal Preemption of Extracontractual Claims Under Flood Insurance Policies

This is a complement to the December 1998 article posted in Mealey's Litigation Reports: Bad Faith on Federal Preemption of Extracontractual Claims Under Flood Insurance Policies following the U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals reversal of its choice on rehearing in Van Holt v. Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Co. This supplement changed into in the beginning posted in Mealey's Litigation Report: Bad Faith, Vol. 12, #18, p. 27 (Jan. 19, 1999). Copyright Butler 1999.

November 17, 1998 PUBLICATION The Expanding Scope of Discovery in Bad Faith Cases

Bad religion litigation is complicated and the stakes are high. In such instances, the discovery process has become essential as litigants struggle for advantage. The litigation often increases troubles outdoor the information of the specific case or claim. The behavior of the insurance organisation as a whole every so often is located on trial.

October 20, 1998 PUBLICATION Does a Liability Insurer Have a Duty to Initiate Settlement Negotiations?

Liability insurance rules generally offer the insurer with whole control over the defense and settlement of 1/3-party claims towards the insured. This control imposes upon the insurer a duty to workout desirable faith in settling claims. When the claimant makes a fairly prudent offer to settle within the policy limits, courts commonly agree the coolest-religion duty owed an insurer would require the insurer to settle the case.

August 18, 1998 PUBLICATION Choice of Law in Bad Faith Cases

The great law of horrific religion isn't always uniform from country to nation. Some states deal with awful religion as a breach of agreement; a few as a tort. In a few states, punitive damages are available. In others, they are no longer. Some permit claims for emotional misery, even as others reject them.

July 21, 1998 PUBLICATION Recovery of Damages for Emotional Distress in Tort, Contract and Statutory Bad Faith Actions

Emotional distress damages may be the maximum enormous factor of any bad faith movement in jurisdictions that permit them. This article outlines the several theories that justify the restoration of such damages. It discusses additionally the impact of a recent Florida Supreme Court decision which legal healing for emotional misery under that state's terrible faith statute.



June 02, 2017 EVENT Insurance Bad Faith and ExtraContractual Liability - Caught in a Trap: Identifying and Defeating Bad Faith Threats in First-Party Matters

Lee Craig from Butler Weihmuller Katz Craig together with co-presenter Anne Kevlin provided in Boston, MA at the Insurance Bad Faith and ExtraContractual Liability Conference. Their topic is Caught in a Trap: Identifying and Defeating Bad Faith Threats in First-Party Matters .

June 18, 2015 EVENT DRI Bad Faith Insurance Litigation Seminar

Trends in Bad Faith Litigation

June 05, 2014 EVENT Canadian Defence Lawyers Annual Meeting

American Insurance Defense Practice

March 30, 2011 EVENT 2011 DRI Insurance Coverage & Claims Institute

Insurance Carriers and Their Coverage Counsel; An Examination Of The Complexities Of Their Inter-Relationship

April 14, 2010 EVENT Butler Partner attorney Lee Craig -- Committee Chair

Insurance Coverage and Claims Institute

January 27, 2010 EVENT 79th Annual Meeting & Mid-Winter Educational Program

Bad Faith

December 03, 2009 EVENT Butler Partner attorney Lee Craig -- Chair of Insurance Law Committee

DRI Insurance Coverage and Practice Symposium

April 29, 2007 EVENT Judicial Decisions and Catastrophe Claims

2007 PCS Catastrophe Conference

April 11, 2007 EVENT In the Hot Seat: Preparing the Company Witness for Trial

DRI Insurance Coverage & Practice Program

Butler Weihmuller Katz Craig

Practise Areas

  • Arson & Fraud
  • Extra-Contractual
  • First-Party Coverage
Law Firm Position

Of Counsel

Admission Info

Admitted in Florida District Courts
Maryland District Courts
United States Fourth and Eleventh Circuit Courts of Appeals
United States Supreme Court

Start at the Faculty of Law
University of Maryland

Class of 1982

University Attended

University of Maryland
Class of 1979

Birth Date and City

Born in 1950
Annapolis, Maryland, May 17, 1950

Associations & Memberships


•Defense Research Institute (DRI)
•Federal Bar Association
•The George Edgecomb Bar Assocation (GEBA)

Representative Cases
Case Type: Admiralty
Bad Faith
Civil Remedy Notices
Class Action
Commercial Lease Construction and Litigation
Commercial Litigation
Construction Defect Litigation - Bonds
Coverage - Business Interruption
Coverage - Business Owner's
Coverage - First Party Property
Coverage - Homeowner's
Coverage - Inland Marine
Coverage - Property
Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices
Disability Fraud
Extracontractual Claims
Fidelity and Surety
Fire (Suspected or Potential Fraud)
Hurricane Losses
Insurance Fraud
Premium Fraud
Professional Liability
Professional Malpractice - Legal
Reinsurance Coverage


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